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What is the evolution of Video Games?

The evolution of Video Games

When we think of the typical tools of the modern age, it is inevitable to imagine an orderly array made up of many computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The evolution of Video Games

Inside them are small big handyman assistants, ready both to support us and to fill the void in our routine activities. These tools help us in the performance of the work tasks, as well as in the organization of family tasks or the planning of essential trips and appointments: they always keep us active and online.

Their presence is also essential in the home, to the point that the first thought when moving or buying a new apartment is to have the best connection. Generally, there is no shortage of programs and games designed for recreation on popular hi-tech media: after work, breakaway moments are necessary.

Listening to music, viewing videos, and reading books are all complementary activities in this regard. Electronic devices, in addition to taking into account recurrences and deadlines. Also, have a purpose related to moments of conviviality and sociality: they make us stay in touch with relatives and friends through platforms such as Whatsapp. 

Children and young people, the so-called ‘digital natives’, also become familiar very early with these objects that we would once have called ‘tools of the future’. They move through icons and toolbars with tools, know how to navigate and use video games not only as a recreational pastime but also as learning support. It is understood, however, that excesses are never good practice and must be avoided.

The screen becomes a digital narrator.

Through the screens of phones and tablets more and more often you can go to discover yourself since the video game manages to highlight particular personality traits: the adventurous side, the logical one, or maybe the ingenuity. 

Even shyness can be challenged and fought in a way thanks to the moments of the play, drawing new life from the successes that can push and promote one’s identity. The virtual path that winds through this reality, ‘other’ and impossible, represents at the end of the day the narrative in a modern key of myths and legends: these are hi-tech fairy tales.

The screen becomes a digital narrator

In this sense, the virtual game almost changes and assumes the appearance of a book, within which one can be the absolute protagonists of the scene. A garrison also of escapism from the routine that, not only at a very young age, must remain so and still always a step back from the dimension of real life: the two things are and remain distinct. 

In the age of digital storytelling, through video games and hi-tech screens, it is possible to focus on a new system to tell stories: it is a format easily able to reach and intrigue those directly affected, that is, the adults of tomorrow.

Always on the subject of hi-tech screens that turn into digital narrators, in this sense, the benefits concern even the most adults: reading thanks to e-books is broken down, focusing on a modern and captivating graphic visit.

A perspective that now turns upside down

Many people generally think that the video game is just a brief interlude of entertainment without any other pretension. The content itself is often labelled as light and superficial, but this is not always true. Video games that can be classified as ‘good’ are necessarily those designed to make learning effective (regardless of content), and that teach you to store notions.

For example, allow you to empathize with scientists and doctors, characters who test themselves to achieve a particular result. Or those that enable you to identify yourself in action and open a reflection on their behaviours (even in real contexts). 

Video games that aim to stimulate team activity, sharing, and comparison are particularly useful for personal growth. Follow on Quora


Just as every page of the book read can contribute to the improvement of intellectual ability, so the video game can propose a similar mental training made of adaptive spirit, emotions, and different experiences. The development of autonomy, emotional well-being, and self-esteem today also passes from here.

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What is the evolution of Video Games?
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