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Best Review About Legends of Honor Game

Legends of Honor

Legends of Honor: I’ll play but a review of Legends of Honor free-to-play browser-based. So, it’s just standard base building a more PG nothing. We haven’t really seen before here but this one’s not too bad. It has some nice uh progression to it with nice little animations and art style behind it. Nice change of pace if you’re looking for something new which is not too bad and I going to come to commemorate them on their art style and kind of the storybook feel to the game which is pretty cool.

If you kind of move around you can kind of check out the background over here and has like these layers which really does feel like. It’s kind of like a storybook, which is cool. I’ve enjoyed that I do appreciate some good art style or even a little bit of cool animation to it. Now, I wish they did have to smoke kind of like animated and moving with some movement clouds or something like, that but kind of the flags over here which would be really cool.

Legends of Honor

I think would kind of bring the game a little bit more to life and I don’t know something could they could probably add to the game. If they wanted to but I think would you put a little bit more depth and a small bit more life to the game but getting into the gameplay. Like I said it’s just standard base-building RPG and nothing. We really haven’t seen before so kind of go over the building mechanics for the game. We can go ahead and construct.

We have our main building if you can construct it over here. We have civic buildings like civilians and other stuff, like that we have military decorations and expansions is to move out expand our areas. You can see here we can go ahead and select this one and we can make our area bigger so you can see you start off with kind of a small area but there is room to grow. Legends of Honor

So, I’m going to ahead and move it over here and now we’re much bigger and it seems like, they give you a great amount of space to really expand.

So, your Kingdom can get pretty massive with enough time investment into the game and just along with that one upgrade. It did significantly make our area much bigger. So, let’s go ahead and go over to upgrade features as you see upgrading is. It’s very simple and straightforward we’re not high enough level for that one. Let’s go ahead and see if you can find out one that we can upgrade within our level and doesn’t seem like one of available. We can go ahead and level up our farmhouse.

So, if you’re the available level there’s an upgrade for the area you have the resources for it. You can go ahead and upgrade it when you upgrade it. We have uh-oh it’s giving us a freebie over here, which is cool because we’re still early stage in the game, which is nice. I like when games do that, it’s kind of help along with the progression of these games because the progression can get very slow, and these games do become a huge time investment the more you get invested into the game.

Legends of Honor: So, these early freebies with low resource costs are really nice to really help us out there. So, while we completed a question, you’ll obtain some resources which are another thing like about the game some of these games don’t have a quest system in the quest systems. I find super-duper helpful now if you’re running low on resources instead of waiting you know the however long. It might be like an hour maybe 10 minutes 20 minutes depending on how long it makes for these areas to produce resources.

It can get very long in the progression to slow down quite a bit and while you’re waiting to upgrade you kind of have to wait for these guys to produce resources for you. So, the quest comes income in very handy just so you can rack up that extra resources. So, you can upgrade in between things while you’re building and waiting. The question the resources become very nice and it kind of help with the long time investment enough about that. I’m going to go ahead and jump into the combat.

The combat is it’s a little bit different as you seem you have a barracks over here you do need to make one of these barracks to make a different unit and as you can see, we have different units over here. We have different tabs and stuff like that we can select and give those different units but we are still very early on in the game, quite a few of them are locked and not available for us, but they are all unlockable just by investing some time in the game. Read More About Legends of Honor Game

Legends of Honor ss

Legends of Honor: Just levelling up your Kingdom and your account overall all these things and all these options, we’ve become available over time. So, we have a few we could select over here. I’m going to go ahead and maybe the picked Horseman over here or I hit recruit and then recruiting him takes a little bit of time. As you can see 2 minutes 13 seconds there’s a little bit of time you got away. If you want to recruit these stronger troops and the more you want to recruit the longer it’ll take and so on.

We could speed it up because speed it up for some gems they give us some free gem which is the microtransaction currency in the game. If you choose to now, you do not have to spend the money to kind of progress or get along in the game, but if you want to speed up the progression, the microtransactions will help but the time investment in the games.

It is what I think makes them fun there they’re not too overwhelming they’re kind of you to know those you check up on them every once in a while you know get bored of it too often and these games can have a very long-lasting appeal to them. Which is why I like them quite a bit so as we’re waiting for that guy to kind of you know to be trained in our barracks we can go ahead and go to the world map and how the combat works now the comments a little bit different than from these other base building MRP g’s.

Legends of Honor: You can see we have our hero number one over here and he can go ahead and explore this map the more. He explores the map and kind of runs about he can fight various enemies and kingdoms and other player kingdoms. I should mention over here it’ll kind of you know keep uncovering more and more areas of the map with invading these other kingdoms and fighting enemies along the way.

You’ll obtain resources and resources like, I said to become very important in your complete quests and other things. Like, that so it’s a really great way to obtain the resources you need. If you want to keep expanding well, not having to wait for your Kingdom to reproduce in themselves. Let’s go ahead and I guess we’ll go ahead and find a Marauder so let’s go ahead hit move we’ll move our guy over there he’s going to move along in the combat in the game is slow as well.

So, if you’re looking for fast-paced I’m RTS style combat this is not the game for you but if you’re okay with the slow progression you have time and you like those time investments this game. It could be pretty fun so going over the Marauder over here go ahead and click this guy. We’re going ahead and hit attack and you can see it gives you an overall stats and a bar of the success rate of how you’re going to do fighting against this guy.

It seems like the auditor and our favor. We can go ahead and hit assault. Read Also Best Epic Games Fortnite Review

We’re going to go ahead and fight this guy we got a little bit of animation over here and if we’re victorious we’ll obtain some resources as you can see floating around over here and it’ll tell us we got our victory so kind of go over the stat battles right there and we are victorious we obtained some resources along the way which is really nice and he’s not dead yet.

Legends of Honor: If you choose who we can go ahead and attack him again let’s go ahead and keep attacking him and there we go he is finally dead we obtained all the resources we possibly could out of him which is good. We obtained some more resources which is it’s good we got some stuff for a kingdom which is great. Like, I said a great way to obtain those resources. If you really need them and you can keep exploring but if you want to choose to stop you go ahead and hit move.

He is moving over here, so go ahead and click back to the Kingdom and have our guy kind of move back. He has to go to the spot over here and then slowly make his way back. I said the progression and the combat and the acceleration of the game are very slow and it’s not too fast-paced. I said if you’re okay with the time investment this could be a very fun game.

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Legends of Honor: Overall, it’s a very simple and straightforward browser-based on base building kind of MMORPG with you know the cool art style. I still really like this feel to it it’s pretty cool and nothing we haven’t seen before. If you played these games this one’s very simple very easy to get into and you have no trouble just jumping right into things with a very simple review and interface which is nice.

I give the game an 8 out of 10. It does a very nice job for the base building genre that it’s in the combats a little slow but if you can receive past that you’re okay with the time investment. The expansion of your Kingdom and building and other stuff like digit because can become very fun and you know very engaging. I really love having these large kingdoms and just having all these things leveled up in this big epic Kingdom to kind of show off and be like. I spend a ton of time I’ve accomplished all these things, and it just feels good.

Best Review About Legends of Honor Game
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